Polish & Present: Isabel Azevedo

This week was spent combining every piece and layer of my project into one cohesive form. I had already attached the LEDs to the back of my shadow box, but I decided to hot glue the connector pieces to the board to make sure that it was as sturdy as possible. I tested the idea of using strips of cardboard as spacers between my layers of paper, but the cardboard was difficult to work with as it was easily crushed when cutting. Instead, I decided to cut uniform squares of the same paper that I used for the layers.

I then hot glued stacks of these squares together to make spacers for in between the layers. The first couple of layers on top of the lights were squares of white tissue paper to diffuse the light.

After about two layers of multiple sheets of tissue paper, I used the same technique to stack the layers of paper together. I then slid the paper layers into the front of the box and attached it with hot glue. Lastly, I cut out a white frame of paper to cover the front of the box and hide any imperfections that arose from putting the paper layers into the box. The following is the result with some lighting in the room and in complete darkness:

The LEDs give me the ability to change the color of the scene, and it is really cool to see how different colors and tones interact with the layers of paper. There is also a fade option that resembles a sunrise/sunset that also looks really cool. The wires are fed out of the box from a cut hole in the back, and the entire frame plugs into the wall. The cool thing about this piece is that is can be viewed from any distance. It is interesting to look at the piece as a whole, but to also take a closer look at the small details that you wouldn’t necessarily notice. Overall I am really happy with how it came out! I feel like I was able to balance my artistic skills with the new side of light and electronics that I wasn’t very comfortable with the make something creative, cool, and professional looking.

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