Maquette: Isabel Azevedo

For this week, I created a miniature version of my paper cut project with paper, tape, toothpicks, and a paper towel. Creating the maquette has helped me visualize what I need to accomplish for the final project, as well as showed me some issues I may encounter. For example, one thing I noticed is that a majority of the light is blocked from the front layers of paper by the back layers, which I am planning on correcting for the final project by cutting removing pieces from the back layers that aren’t seen to allow for a more even dispersion of light. Below is a picture of the maquette without backlighting:

I was also able to start thinking about what materials I am going to need for the final piece. To incorporate the light into my light art project, I am hoping to make a panel using LED Strips. These LEDs allow you to control each LED individually, so I will be able to apply certain colors to different areas of the piece. For the actual construction of the piece, I am planning on using an 8×8 shadowbox as the main structure. This will provide me with a sturdy frame with enough depth to place the layers of paper. Lastly, I need to go to the art store to buy the appropriate paper for this project. Now that I know the dimensions of my project, I can start working on sketching and cutting out layers while I wait for my lights and other supplies to ship. I am excited to get started!



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