Introduction: Isabel Azevedo

My name is Isabel Azevedo. I am a junior majoring in chemical engineering. Although my course load is all science all the time, art is something will always remain important to me. Art class was always one of my favorites, as I loved taking a break from the monotony of academic classes to do something that came very naturally to me. In college, I took art classes for my Humanities requirement for the same reason; to express my creativity in ways that my academic classes wouldn’t necessarily allow. 

In the realm of physical art, I gravitate towards drawing and painting. I love working with pencil and charcoal, as well as with watercolor and acrylic paints. I was also involved in theatre and musical arts before college. I sang in a chorus for many years and performed in various theatrical productions. I did some backstage work as a makeup artist for my high school’s drama club, which is another area of art that I really appreciate. 

When working with pencil or charcoal, I like to create pieces that have a lot of drama and contrast between light and dark. I am also very detail oriented, and love putting small details into my piece that force the observer to look closer. With painting, I like to experiment with colors and patterns. One technique that I recently tried is acrylic flow art, where acrylic paint is diluted and layered in a cup then flipped onto a canvas. The layers of paint create “cells” and patterns that are both organic and synthetic looking at the same time. (I highly recommend looking up videos of this technique in action. It’s mesmerizing!) I also took Digital Art last year, which helped me learn programs such as Photoshop and Maya.

Art is obviously an important part of my life; I love channeling my creative energy and frustrations into making something interesting that reflects my thoughts and emotions at that current moment. Although I don’t have much experience with the more technical side of light art apart from very minimal programming experience, I feel as if my understanding of how light interacts with objects and color will prove to be useful in this class, and I am excited to get started! 

My featured image is a self portrait I drew for Figure Drawing in D Term. It is done in charcoal, white chalk, and sepia pencil. Below are some other pieces I’ve recently made!

Pastel pencils on paper.

Figure study in pencil.

Flow painting – acrylic on canvas.

Another self portrait done with water colors.


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