Failure & Recalibration: Isabel Azevedo

This week, I decided to tackle the part of the project that I have the least experience with: the lights! Last week I ordered a bunch of 4 inch LED strips, connectors, a controller, etc so my plan was to set the whole thing up and get it working! Unfortunately as I was going through all of the supplies I ordered I realized that I was missing a very integral piece: the RGB LED controller adapter. This meant I couldn’t plug my lights into the controller or the power source, so I couldn’t accomplish my goal of getting them working for the start of this week. Because I couldn’t get them working, I didn’t want to permanently attach them to my frame yet, incase anything went wrong. Instead, I stuck the LED strips on with tape just to get an idea of the layout I was going for. The featured image shows the lights attached with tape in the frame. Once my missing controller comes (hopefully tomorrow) I’ll be able to get the lights up and running. I also plan on attaching the strips using the tape backing and the connectors with hot glue as opposed to crappy tape job that I currently have.

Since I really got no where with the light aspect of my project, I spent the rest of my time working on the paper cut layers, and finished two of them, leaving me with two or three more to go.

I feel like I’m working on two separate projects right now, so I am looking forward to getting my lights working and having the project become one cohesive piece.

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