Everything Working: Isabel Azevedo

I finally have light for my light art project! The RGB converter piece that I was missing came in the mail last week and I was able to set up the technical side of my project. I used the adhesive on the LEDs to stick them to the back board of my shadow box. Because the LEDs had been taped in the formation that I wanted for the past week, there was no need to glue the black connector pieces down as they were already molded into place. I was also able to complete another layer of the paper art, and have my final layer sketched out and ready to cut. Since my lights were working, I was able to lay out the paper layers I have so far to see how things are looking all together and I really love it so far! Below are some other pictures I took with different colored background lighting:

The final product is obviously going to look a little different as I am planning on using strips of cardboard as spacers between each layer of paper to add more depth to the piece. I also think that will allow for more light to disperse between the layers of paper. Although there is a clear gradient after each subsequent layer, I kind of like the effect that it gives to the piece. Each layer makes the background color slightly different which I think is really cool. Overall my piece is definitely coming together. My next steps are to finish cutting the last layer of paper and start the assembly of the project which (hopefully) shouldn’t give me too much trouble!

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