Concept Proposal: Isabel Azevedo

For my project, I want to take a more traditional art approach, and allow the addition of light as a medium to enhance what I do. I was really inspired by the pieces made by Hari & Deepti, who I presented on last week. I want to attempt a similar technique using paper and light, but make it my own.

My plan is to take this picture that I took in Italy last summer as the basis for my piece.

I plan to portray the depth of the picture using layers of paper in a similar style to Hari & Deepti. Unlike Hari & Deepti, however, I am hoping to experiment with color in my piece, either on the actual paper or with the lighting.

One idea I am considering is using color changing LEDs to mimic the lighting of different times of day. For example, I could program the lights to match the colors of a sunset, a bright day, evening, etc. This would allow my piece to always be changing which I think could be really cool, since it would be static otherwise.

My proposal is obviously still in its very early stages; I haven’t decided what size is appropriate/doable for this piece, or what type of paper is best, so I am hoping to get some guidance with that as well as with the electronic portion of it. Overall I’m really excited begin and see how my piece grows and changes from here!


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