Michel Sabbagh final project

After spending dozens of hours in the IMGD Lab, I finally managed to¬†build the level I (more or less) envisioned from the outset. I tried to be faithful to the original castle concept I crafted early in the term, even if there are some aspects of it that I didn’t fully incorporate into my level. But I made up for that by including one or two points of interest.

As a fan of the Thief games, I wanted to create a castle/museum hybrid that’s filled with priceless artifacts and goodies. I know the level is pretty barren, but the same could be said about the levels in Thief: The Dark Project and the Metal Age. I guess nostalgia played a huge factor in the design process.

I had a bit of trouble with the lighting effects and tiled assets since I frequently encountered some visual artifacts that might still be present in the final build.

Anyway, hope you enjoy my level and feel free to share your opinion with me!

finalized1 finalized2 finalized3 finalized4 finalized5 finalized7 finalized8 finalized9 finalized10


Managed to update some of my components (lighting, textures, room size…). Unfortunately, I’m unable to upload a new build due to compiler issues on my PC, meaning I can’t even play my scene (and that’s not mentioning the missing prefabs). The only thing I can do is share screenshots of my tweaks on the blog post. Again, I’m sorry for the inconvenience ūüôĀ

finalized1 finalized2 finalized3 finalized4 finalized5 finalized6 finalized7 finalized8

Stan’s Level

The goal in this level is to find the puzzle and finish the puzzle.

There is one mirror in the center tower that’s extruded. The player need to reach it and find the clue for later game (which doesn’t exist)

1overall view of the whole level

2the gate made by myself.

3Water poll, with a Guan Dao

4Guan Dao made by myself

5Water poll in the garden

6Start point of the puzzle

7Puzzle overview

8Puzzle view

9Light in the library

I edited some of the materials from the class. Added some normal map. Combined some meshes together (e.g. library and a roof) Created the terrain. Made the skybox (from http://www.redsorceress.com/skybox.html).

Music from bensound.com

Thanks for everyone’s meshes.

Maeve McCluskey Final Level

Here is my final level. [Please see updates at the bottom of this post.]

For the sake of time, I chose to use the same garden setup that I made previously, and dolled it up a bit.

I’m a really big fan of the Lost Woods from The Legend of Zelda series, so I tried to give my level the same kind of feel. Hence why it is all outside.
It’s supposed to feel overgrown and abandoned: humans don’t live here anymore, and the mice have taken over.

The objective of the level is to find your mouse friend, who is hiding (in plain sight) somewhere in the level. He wants you to see his snazzy new hat. The level itself is small, but so are you, as Mortimer, so it allows for some nice exploration and enjoyment of the ambiance.

Please note that I am aware of the issues with the camera, and I don’t know how to get the orbiting camera to work. I’ll try to work on it, but at this point I’m not optimistic.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Not made by me:
All architectural models (various class members)
Terrain assets (default Unity package)

Made/Edited by me:
Large towers retextured by me
All mouse animations

I wasn’t, unfortunately, able to address a bunch of the issues we discussed in class. I’m not skilled enough in Unity to figure out a way around them. But I did try to provide screenshots of my failures.

Orbiting Camera: I ran into a weird bug with the orbiting camera. I could get it to move as I’m assuming it would supposed to, but it started out facing the wrong direction and used the Mortimer rig as a pivot point. So, no matter which way I turned the camera, I could never see Mortimer. It was like a weird, off-centered FPS controller. I would personally take a lack of ability to turn the camera around over that, so I scrapped it.
Pictured: One screenshot illustrating the fact that the orbiting camera is not my friend (it started on the other side of Mortimer and rotated around him to the point shown).

—¬†Triggering a Sound Effect when you find your mouse friend: It looked like I would need another script to trigger that, and I’m not comfortable enough working with scripts to work that out. It started giving me hives.

—¬†Fog: As you might expect at this point, couldn’t figure out how to do it properly. I jerry-rigged a particle system. That looked really bad. Another artistic direction decision was made to not do that.
Pictured: Fire looms on the horizon.

—¬†What I DID succeed at: Making a stair to get back into the garden from the secret courtyard, and fixing the idle for the mouse pal so he’s not just standing there awkwardly with one¬†arm in the air.

Michel Sabbagh final project progress

Near-final playable build:

Gonna post progress pictures of my final castle here. Feel free to comment on my WIP.





Recently incorporated some lighting effects into my scene. Looks alright, but I still need to work on some of its components (glossy reflections, going through walls…). Feel free to share your¬†advice with me.







Added some fancy schmancy particle effects and tweaked the lighting a bit. Nearly done with my level.





Animations and also…

Sorry, forgot to add pictures of my landscape.  Here they are


bandchere are some barrels and crates I made, because every level needs them.


Also, here is my animation of mousey.¬† He idles around hopping (don’t know why he hops), and occasionally flicks his foot and looks around.¬† If he senses your presence, he will excitedly start dancing, but he has bad hearing and smell, so can only tell you are near if he sees you.