5 thoughts on “Chris Dowding Final”

  1. Looks impressive! I really like the mouse characters and the way you designed the level gives the whole thing a multi-faceted and vertical feel.

    My only recommendation would be to tweak the interior lighting effects so that they look less overblown.

  2. Love the inside, the castle looks kinda bland from far away. When you first see it from the distance, it looks almost untextured. Possibly giving it a larger, stone texture in order to make it obvious what it is made of from far away, and to give an imposing aura?

  3. I love this level design! It feels like a nice little stealth game level. The only thing I can think of that could be worked on are your particle effects for the torches, but that’s a really small thing.

  4. I really like that you used a ghost mouse to guard the sword. I would have loved to see it in game but it was too hard for me to get up to the top beam! I might try to tone down the bluish color of the ghost mouse and go for a white or yellow instead. The texture reads a little bit like saran wrap.

  5. You could dial back the intensity of the overhead lighting some, which would open up opportunities for you to use lighting cues to direct the player to where you want them to go. In the beginning of the level, for example, the player is surrounded by the darker trees and they just see the bright castle facade. You can bring this into your castle as well – dim most of the lights, then boost specific lights back to direct the player’s attention.

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