Project Final – Breadwinner

Screenshots on my blog! Click here!

Here’s my final! It’s a bright and colorful day at the market!
Biggest regret is that I wasn’t able to rig my little pigs and have them run around in the mud… Will probably add that at a later time. :]

Since third person cameras are kind of difficult to program, I just put my character in the scene with a demo of her walk and idle animations.

Overall I’m pretty happy with it! This was my first time putting something together entirely on my own in Unity, so the struggle was very real. Will definitely need to tweak some of the textures and colliders when I have a bit more time. Right now there isn’t a collider on the stairs so you can’t actually get up to the roof, but that’s something I has originally planned to add. I’ll throw in a couple screenshots of that in a later post.


3 thoughts on “Project Final – Breadwinner”

  1. I love how colorful this is, especially the trees. The market could probably use a little more clutter, but I think what you finished is pretty impressive considering the time limitations.

  2. This looks great! Love the trees, especially. What did you do to the mud that made it shimmer like that when you look at it from different angles?

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