7 thoughts on “Kedong_Ma_Pirate_project”

  1. This looks great! I really like the visual impact of the fog. The grass on the terrain looks a little sparse, you could try putting that in at a higher density

  2. The pirate and the ship look fantastic. Looks like a lot of effort went into making the ship. Maybe you could replace the sails on your ships with Unity cloth so it can flutter in the wind and droop like a sail would in real life.

  3. As everyone else said, everything looks fantastic! I’d recommend maybe throwing some normals onto the ship’s textures; I feel like it would really beef up the entire model.

  4. Love how this came out. One suggestion, though this is mostly tech-y and not really an art thing- it seems like you used the same mesh for both the rendering and collision of the ship. For a project like this, that’s totally fine, but if you’re making assets for a real game, you should REALLY make a low-poly version of the ship to use as its collider. (This could also mean you’d put a ramp where the stairs are, so that’d fix that problem!)

    Again, not actually a problem for something like this, but collision is a lot more resource intensive. That’s why most games have simpler hitboxes, like this:


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