5 thoughts on “Bee Temple Final”

  1. That secret area is really interestng! Not totally sure what’s going on, but I dig it. As for the rest of the level, I’m a little thrown off by the scale, especially when the plants block out the centerpiece of your level.

  2. I love it! Really captivating. The swaying plants on the outside of the level really adds a nice touch. The only thing I could say is maybe try adding some more detail into the tunnel down below into the secret area; even just a texture/bump map could really make a huge difference.

  3. This is really cool! I love the way the whole level is tilted juuuust slightly- it feels like the whole place is sinking into the ground a little. Gives a totally different feeling.

    As someone who also made a bee-themed level, but took it in a totally different direction, it’s neat seeing what we have in common (hexes, mostly) and what we did differently.

  4. The lighting looks spectacular in the level. I’m also a fan of the buzzing bees and the effect it creates while walking around your level. Nice job

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