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“Fountain of Youth” Level Design

Level Plan:
This was my original map from Level Design 1.

Overhead Map JPEG


Originally, my plan was to have the player explore the desert and try to find the saloon, where he or she cold then explore the insides and have a drink. The player could enter the saloon two ways; the front door, or the back door via sewer. However, I’m not sure if my initial goal was too ambitious, so I have decided to alter what happens to the player once they reach the saloon.

Once the player walks inside of the saloon, they will be blinded by the light coming from inside. The music will get louder, and they will be transported back to the starting point. If the player chooses the alternate route, they will be blinded by the light and be brought back to the spawn point as soon as they walk up the stairs from the basement (where the sewer leads them).

Here is the updated version of the map. Note the sewer’s outline here. Overhead Map 2nd

The overall mood for the setting will be dark. The level will only be lit by the moon and light coming from the street lamp and saloon.

Modular elements:
Concept Pieces

These concepts are rough sketches of what I plan to create. The assorted bottles will be found in the basement of the saloon, as stock inside of shelves.

Color Swatches:
Color Swatches

Because I’m going for a gloomy mood, the colors needed are dark. The midnight blue sky will go well against the sand and buildings.


Combining the art deco style with the western style may be the biggest obstacle. The saloon has to have the right mixture of both in order for the mood to be set correctly.



Level Concept: “Fountain of Youth”

Assignment 1, Part 3 –Level Creation – Concept Art & Story

Concept: Combination of art deco Metropolis and the Wild West

Concept for "Fountain of Youth"
Concept for “Fountain of Youth”


The year is 2030. Set in an alternate universe where Earth has advanced too much for its own good, the human race has been enslaved by the technology that they once created in the mid-1950s. Only 25% of the population remains, crammed into the western half of the United States. Sunlight is scarce in the city, as it is overrun with heavy pollution. Civilians are lucky to live to the age of 30 due to such conditions.

The president of this dystopia has complete control over the civilians while they are inside of “the wall”, yet once every week, a citizen is granted freedom for 6 hours where they are set to be free outside of the wall, if they are on good terms with the government. While this is rare to be the case, certain civilians do indeed get the chance to let loose, and have a break from working inside of the walled city.

What lies outside of “the wall” is said to be nothing more than desert and a barren wasteland. However, legend has it that there is an old saloon hidden in the darkness. Even though this old saloon is just an old tourist attraction given a fresh make-over to fit the visuals of the generation, it is often called the Fountain of Youth. The inside of the saloon is said to be beautiful, with marble floors, fresh upholstery, and “Gatsby” worthy architecture. A humanoid robot is said to await your order once you step inside.

YOU are the player; Unbeknownst, you were granted access to have your day of peace. Waking up just outside of the walls, after being set free for your 6 hours you must find your way to the saloon. Legend has it that the music can be distinctly heard once outside of the walls.

Art Style

The art style that I am going for is influenced by Team Fortress 2. TF2 had such influences as J.C. Leyendecker, Dean Cornwell, and Norman Rockwell. I feel like all of these art styles are perfect for capturing an art deco setting with Wild West elements.


Music playing from the saloon, foot step noises, and dialogue to be spoken by the bartender robot are necessary. The player will be silent.

Game Play

The player will start from a blurred screen, giving the look that they are regaining consciousness. Once they regain consciousness, they must navigate through the evening desert, trying to find the saloon by following the music with WASD and mouse.

Once inside of the saloon, the player will be able to explore the saloon.  Interacting with the bar tender, changing the music on the juke box, and perhaps having a drink or two before being cut off are actions I would like to implement into the level.