PirateIsland WIP

Below are a few screenshots within Unity of my game level. I was going for a very angular/planar look to the game to reflect my reference material.

The level is far from done. I plan to continue working on it to get it finished or to the point where I want it by the end of the week. I will update this post as I progress.

I already changed the normals for the palms to show on both sides!

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Unity Midterm Check-In [Opus]

Below are several screenshots from my level. Much of the actual texturing is far from perfect, but these screens give a proper representation of an asset’s location[s] in the level. I have been weary of proper modeling and UV mapping techniques to present an ineresting environment. That being said, the floor and most of the wall textures are placeholders for a darker look. Further, the lighting is far from final.

Screenshot_2[Opus] Screenshot_1[Opus] Screenshot_5[Opus] Screenshot_4[Opus] Screenshot_3[Opus]

The Hive Queen


The entrance to the level.  At this point in the game, you’ve just finished up the blue energy tavern, so you’re transitioning out of that color scheme.


A one-way drop, and you pass the most basic enemy type of this area!  These bees spin in a circle, but it’s safe to pass through the middle, as you’ll see when you fall down.


The level has blue piping throughout, both as a change in color and as a way of determining which way to go.  The pipes will draw the player’s eye toward goals.


In comes the midboss!  This was my key object.  She’s got seven animations, and I’m planning on adding two or three more.  Fully rigged, textured, all that.  If I have time, I’d love to also make a health system and stick some hit boxes in there to make this a real fight.


That windmill over there can be ridden to go to new heights!  The boss of this area will be fought on a gigantic windmill (probably just a scaled up version of this one).  Again, I already made the boss before the class started, so I’m not prioritizing anything involving him until all the new class content is done.

The final level is really long, and will take quite a while to finish putting together, so I focused on getting all the assets done and visible by the midterm.  The level proper will be done in the next week or so.

Lucid – Pre-Production Portfolio

v2 Level Design


mrb level design v2 floor 1
Ground Floor.
mrb level design v2 floor 2
Second Floor.

The level has been significantly scaled back from the original design, which I realized was hilariously out-of-scope compared to the finished projects from last year. Originally a suburban street featuring numerous examples of iconic 50’s architecture, the level is now just the cinema.

The street outdoors is not bound by solid walls; instead, smog masks the edges, and blocks movement. The double-doors that lead into the theater room are locked. After discovering this, the player’s eye will be drawn to the side staircase door, leading them to the second floor. The second-floor window of the cinema allows the projector to project the movie onto the screen. Upon interaction, the teapot on the table will boil and produce steam, then pop into the air and take off like a rocket, soaring through the window and into the movie screen, shattering it to reveal a hidden area. In the hidden area is a bed; interacting with it ends the level.


Color Swatches

color swatchesThe cinema interior is primarily red, brown, and slate. The red is decorative, but also draws attention to certain objects and areas. The yellows will be used as highlights (such as text, embroideries, and other things that will stand out against red but also compliment it).

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For my game I want to use modular assets to add to the theme of the game. I want the level to be somewhat remenisant of a modern day labryinth without all the twists and turns that would endlessly frustrate players. Reusing certain assets will make the player feel lost are stuck giving them a small sense of hopelessness as they progress through the underground base.

map_grid color_swatches

For this level I want to draw a lot of characteristics from horror movies and suspenseful games. Games like System Shock 2 and Amnesia capture the feeling of dread I want players to feel. Rage by id captures the post-apocalyptic feeling I want the level to have.