Michael French – Bio

I am a CS/IMGD double major with a strong interest in making games. Normally, I stick to the programming side, but I do like to delve into animation, digital painting, and music from time to time.

I’ve taken many of WPI’s digital arts courses, including 3d modeling, Animation I and II, and digital painting. I’ve occasionally practiced these arts outside of class, mostly as a hobby.

As a CS major, I have plenty of experience with programming. In my space time, I’ve done a lot of work with Unity 3D and other game engines. Over the years, I’ve gotten very good at learning new languages and computer technologies on the fly.

Aside from the digital realm, I also play piano. I took lessons during grade-school and high-school and continue to self-teach. I mostly like playing music taken from game and film soundtracks. I also enjoy improvising.

Most of my creative inspirations come from composers in the games and films industries. My favorite composers include Daniel Rosenfeld (Minecraft), Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy, and others), Koji Kondo (Mario, Zelda, etc), John Williams (you know, John Williams), and Martin O’Donelle (Halo, Destiny, and others). Each of these composers has their own unique flavor of genius, and I hope to create works as good as theirs some day.

My goals with this class are to gain more experience programming with hardware. I’ve taken the introductory robotics class, which taught me that many things we take for granted in the digital world fly out the window when transferred to the physical world (such as consistency). I hope to gain more experience when programming under these conditions.

As far as recent works goes, below is my final project from Digital Painting. I also continue to play piano on my spare time (that counts as a recent project, right?).