Well Played ver. 2

Concept? : Most of the time when your opponent emotes “well played” in Hearthstone, it means you lose. I collected eight interesting ways to lose a game in Hearthstone and hope it’s funny.


start: stop

A, B, X, Y: press to play one of the two videos that linked to each button, eight video clips in total.

up, down, left, right: press to switch between four visual effects.

two joysticks: modify the numbers of applied visual effect.

All controls have been used in the video.

Meme? ver. 1

Basically you can switch between 8 videos and add different effects, and the max window was for showing the button pressed on the game controller. However Snagit and Max did not seem to like each other and the triggers just don’t change visually while the video window still working. These are suppose to be shorter videos, I’ll upload a newer version soon.

Brave Peasant

The peasant beat the evil dragon with god-blessed sword and shield eventually!

I apologies for the bad recording and weird frame issue. The Makey makey kit that I got didn’t like me.