Final Project Idea – With Laurie Mazza

Laurie and I came up with an idea from the Items and Actions activity in class. We found that the words “Squeeze” and “Government” combined to create a funny idea based on the phrase “Squeeze you tighter than the government on Tax day”. We brainstormed about how we could do that. This is a sketch of what we’re thinking.

Final Project Idea

We would use a doll or some similar human analog to represent yourself, then embed the flex sensor or possibly the soft potentiometer to measure how hard the person is squeezing. We also thought about adding a thermistor to add in some extra effects due to the heat of your hands.

The object will also be tracked and displayed via a webcam. We intend to make the object bright so as to easily track it. By tracking the object, we can have the object be the origination of the money that spills out of you due to the squeezing. The thermistor would be used to add some interesting visual effect or perhaps change the type of money squeezed out from coins to dollars or so.

Meme Remix

Sorry for the lateness, there were so many issues with Max and getting this video.

My idea for the Meme Remix was the classic rickroll. I wanted to take it to the next level. I thought about the normal structure of a rickroll. You would click on a link and all of a sudden it would be Rick Astley singing to you. You either got the video you were expecting or you didn’t. That made me think about the possibility of you being rickrolled from within another video.

This lead me to come up with the idea of a rickroll fighting it’s way into another video entirely. I devised a way to have a chosen starter video be cut into the rickroll for brief flashes before reverting to the original. For the interactivity of it, I let the user choose which of the videos to use as the starter. They are all cheesy 80’s and 90’s music videos. Additionally, there is also a fractilizer on the rickroll video that creates an even stronger rick roll effect. This fractilization can be toggled on and off with buttons on the controller, and altered with the thumb stick. The controls are as follows.


There were some issues with the final result. Audio had to be split from the video for the cutting effect. It is hard to have them line up perfectly with one another due to an issue with the video auto-playing as soon as it’s loaded.

Besides that it came together more or less how I hoped it would, albeit with a lot more stress in getting it implemented correctly.

Paper Stories – From the Earth to the Moon


I took inspiration from the Apollo missions in the 70s. I wanted to recreate a mission from launch to splashdown. There were four main parts I wanted to tackle.

The launch was first, and I wanted to keep it fairly accurate. You’ll notice the engines start to fire at T-6 seconds, accurate to the Apollo missions. The fuel lines on the support tower fall away at the last second. In real life, the entire support tower fell away too, however that was a little much. For the rocket, logo and tower, I rotoscoped images of the actual Apollo 11 launch and a NASA countdown logo.

Next was the separation. The Saturn V rocket was a three stage rocket. That means that as it flew higher and higher it would jettison the lower sections and light another engine, this let it discard weight and also get a net force more in tune with it’s mass.

Then came the moon landing. I used the image Earthrise as a backdrop. This image shows the earth rising above the moon’s horizon similar to a sunrise on earth. Then I had the lunar module fly in and land. It then planted the famous flag and then the upper section launches away. This is also true to real life, as the ascent vehicle was separate to the descent, again to save weight.


Finally we have the splashdown. Upon re-entry, the command module would angle so that the heat shield was down, burn in for a bit. Then the parachute would deploy to slow the speed in. Finally the parachute would release and the floats would inflate as it splashed down into the ocean for recovery.

Dominic Cupo – Assignment 3 – Fallout Garage

The theme for this week was Fallout! In honor of the new game.

I decided to make the laser rifle in the back fire, as it’s one of my favorite weapons in the game. Vault Boy needed to make an appearance, as he’s the mascot, so I had him dream up his company. Finally, the hanging wind chime seemed like a cute final animation.

Excuse the fraps watermark and framerate.

Dominic Cupo – Assignment 2

For this assignment I wanted to create an interesting beat. I thought about all the separate instruments that I was using and decided to have it sync up perfectly. Therefore, every one of the circles pulses when the corresponding beat is played. It lets you experience the music visually as well as audibly. As the instruments show up in irregular times, I also wanted something to play every quarter note. So I decided to create the lines that move from left to right on the top and bottom of the screen. The lines move every 500 ms, 4 times more than the beat which is 125 ms. The line movement corresponds to the beat of the music, if you were to tap your feet to the music, it would sync up.

Dominic Cupo – Geometric Abstraction

Style 3 Style 2 Style 1

When I created my abstractions I did not want to mess with Scale or Color. I wanted to see how you can fit together the same pieces into different ways. Therefor I kept the same pieces of squares and circles and tried to make them into interesting patterns.

The top image and middle are in direct contrast to one another. I wanted to make it as compact as I could while still remaining individual, and then contrast it to having a very spread out assortment. I wanted the pieces to still have a bit of a connection however, which is why I linked the edges of the squares and placed the circles in the centers of the gaps.

The third and final image came from trying to “sort” the pieces. I had three colors of squares and three colors of circles. So I lined them all up in a neat and orderly fashion. I wanted contrast between the layers, which is why there was the pink/blue and red/black pairing. I rather liked how the teal and green blurred together however, so I left that in.

Color choice came from my ineptitude at finding shades I liked using the [color 1 1 1] choice. As such all the colors are combinations of turning off and on the RGB colors.

Spaghetti CodeUsing Max for the first time was interesting. I’m definitely going to need to put in some work to learn how to do things in easier ways. While I was able to complete the assignment without too many issues, the leftovers gave new meaning to the phrase “Spaghetti code”.

Dominic Cupo – The Engineer Getting in Touch With His Artistic Side

My name is Dominic Cupo. I’m a Robotics Engineer completing my humanities in Art. While I don’t have the most experience with art, I’m eager to learn and try out new techniques. In the past, all the art classes I took were entirely physical and static. The standard drawing and shading classes required in High School, nothing more. While I did learn a lot about the foundations of art, I never got much practice utilizing it myself.

IMAG0008However, I did develop a knack for programming and creating more engineering based things. In my engineering classes and on my own I 3D printed models of medieval era war machines such as the trebuchet and a torsion based catapult. I modelled and created a rotary style pneumatic engine in CAD.


So whether or not I create “art” it up to the definition of the word. The things I created brought emotion and interest to those that viewed it, albeit in a different way than with conventional art.

Fred V2 My experience with technology is quite a bit more than my experience with art. I’ve had quite a lot of practice creating 2D and 3D objects in programs such as Inventor and AutoCAD. I took a yearlong class in high school that related specifically to designing things and 3D printing them. I count 3D printing as something I am familiar with and something I plan to utilize with this project.

IMAG0365 Additionally, I’ve learned a few programming languages over the years and some applications thereof. With Robotics Engineering classes the robots are run using an Arduino Mega. Arduino language is a version of C++ and over the terms I’ve gotten very good at utilizing Arduinos to complete tasks. With the more physically interactive projects I believe my knowledge of Arduino will come in handy.

I’ve always been a fan of minimalist art. However, I’m not a huge fan of abstraction. Rather, I like to see things broken down into their base shapes in a way that still allows them to be completely identifiable. For example, there is a tattoo I’m planning on getting that shows the solar system as a series of hollow circles and dashed lines. It is still easily seen as the solar system, but there’s no shading or filling or any details at all, just shapes.

11032487_984891108202915_2407237421432373078_nOne thing I’ve created that I am particularly proud of is a TRON style light box for my then girlfriend. It has her name laser cut out of black acrylic in a font style that is very reminiscent of the TRON style. The sides are black acrylic and a clear pane is behind the cut out that I hand frosted with some sandpaper. The box is lite with thirteen pink LEDs wired to a battery pack. It illuminates the name quite nicely and looks very pretty.