Meme Project

As seen in the short movie about my inspiration was a little different then the memes we saw in class today. I went more towards the dubstep remix using various sounds and different parts of the videos that I thought were funny repeated.


Although, I am not good at dubstep or remixes so mine isn’t the best but I would love to see what you guys could do using the remote. I used an Xbox remote to control different aspects of it.


Hope you enjoy,


Alex Riley

Alex Riley- Bio

Alex Riley


Interactive Electronic Arts



My name is Alex Riley and I am a sophomore here at WPI. I do not have the best experience with digital art making. I am familiar with SolidWorks and AutoCAD, but mainly for engineering purposes not art wise. I choose this class to learn another computer program that may be useful down the line of engineering work.


Last term I took Essentials of Art, which was completely different, then this course so far. We learned how to use charcoal and color stix while drawing. Even after this course I don’t have any drawings or projects to display. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music along with writing new ideas.


Out of this class I plan on learning Max and going beyond what is expected. I can’t wait to learn and use this program next to everyone in the class. Using my peers, along with helping others in class, I believe that we will be able to create amazing projects.