Final Project Idea – With Laurie Mazza

Laurie and I came up with an idea from the Items and Actions activity in class. We found that the words “Squeeze” and “Government” combined to create a funny idea based on the phrase “Squeeze you tighter than the government on Tax day”. We brainstormed about how we could do that. This is a sketch of what we’re thinking.

Final Project Idea

We would use a doll or some similar human analog to represent yourself, then embed the flex sensor or possibly the soft potentiometer to measure how hard the person is squeezing. We also thought about adding a thermistor to add in some extra effects due to the heat of your hands.

The object will also be tracked and displayed via a webcam. We intend to make the object bright so as to easily track it. By tracking the object, we can have the object be the origination of the money that spills out of you due to the squeezing. The thermistor would be used to add some interesting visual effect or perhaps change the type of money squeezed out from coins to dollars or so.

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