Real-Time Travolta Confuser


For this project I decided to remix the “Confused Travolta” meme.  It involves editing this bit of footage of John Travolta from Pulp Fiction into other videos.  It’s funny, I promise.

Anyway, I made a thing that allows you to cycle between various background for Travolta to be confused in front of.  You push the face buttons to change the videos and use the d-pad to move Travolta back and forth.

2 thoughts on “Real-Time Travolta Confuser”

  1. This might be one of my favorite memes to see remixed. I’ve been seeing this for days all over reddit, it’s funny to see it here as well. It’s a very simple concept yet it’s done beautifully. As I said in class the only thing I think that could make it better would be fixing the aspect ratios of the Star Wars clip. But I know how hard that could be.

  2. This makes me wonder what he’s confused about. I like how the user can control what direction he moves in and what goes on behind him. Overall, this is very well done and gives the user plenty of control.

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