Remix Documentation- Neo’s Choice

For the remix assignment I chose to work with source material from the Matrix. I felt the choice Morpheus poses to Neo  of choosing the red or blue pills was a pretty iconic moment.

After randomly hearing a remix of those words put to a song, I felt that it would be a pretty fun piece to remix the remix of Neo’s choice.

The observer may choose a pill, using the arrow keys. Upon selecting a pill, the sound of “take teh red pill” or “take the blue pill” plays, along with an animation of the corresponding glowing pill.
Origionally, I had set out to use computer vision to track the choice of the observer, but I ran into too many obstacles, and in the interest of time opted to use the keyboard as an input device.

Sequence 02

One thought on “Remix Documentation- Neo’s Choice”

  1. Although we didn’t get to see this in class, I love the concept of choice. Choice is in all respects what makes interactive art actually interactive! One could say the same thing about life, choice is why we live. I’m looking forward to seeing how deep the rabbit whole really goes…

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