Final Project By Stan.

Here is the video

The idea of Five Elements is from ancient China. The world is consist of five elements : Fire, Wood, Water, Iron, and Dirt. One element can born another element, and also can be destroyed by another one.

Iron can born Water. Water can born Wood. Wood can born Fire. Fire can born Dirt. Dirt can born Water.

Iron can destroy Wood. Wood can destroy Dirt. Dirt can destroy Water. Water can destroy Fire. Fire can Destroy Iron.

Therefore, all the element is related to any other one: be born, born, be destroyed, destroy, and is same (as itself).

There would be five bottoms to control the animation. When Iron is lighting up, the next element can only be Water (born), or Fire (be destroyed). Only Water bottom and Fire bottom will response when Iron is lighting up. Any other bottoms are not functional in these case.

This is the whole patch screenshoot.QQ截图20141220144938





There are three main part: Video (animation), Sound, and Logic.


This is the video part: 2 backgrounds, two Yin’yang Animation, and Elements switching Folder player.


The logic of this project costed most of my time.

First, there is five bottoms control the whole animation.

One bottom connects to two animation (element x be born & element x destroy).

The animation connects to the “Should it happen or not” part.


For this particular one.

It will play animation 5, which is “Wood born Water”, statue 1 to statue 2. Need the statue to be 1, and statue will go to 2.

When there is input, first it will update the present statue. After 500 ms delay, it will compare “the statue needed” to “the present statue”. Then it will output either 1 or 0.

If it is 1, output will be: 1, play the animation (which is 5 in this case), update the statue 2 to the “statue storing part”m and play the related sound effect.


Here is the sound part. There are just five sounds for five different elements.


That’s all.

Thank you all.



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