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Sam Stadtlander

Adrienne Weishaar


Using a Makey Makey, Conductive Thread and PureData, we were able to create a controller for a bunch of animations.

The dragon was crocheted using regular acrylic yarn. To trigger the MakeyMakey we used conductive thread hidden throughout the dragon. The animations were made on Photoshop and the sounds were imported from different free audio sites. Enjoy the video!

Here’s my video of my Meme Remix assignment.

What I did for this project was to take just videos from Keyboard Cat and Surprised Kitty, and just the sound from Nyan Cat. I used the base program from the Makey Makey in order to get the keyboard input for the program.

When Deborah Aschheim came to our class, her presentation was very interesting. She is very obviously a passionate person, who is willing to stick to what she wants. I have a friend who worked on the project in Fuller so I was aware of the artwork, but actually having the artist explain what she was going for gave me a whole new perspective on the meaning of the piece. I can appreciate the ‘Memory Space’ much better now.