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The Fermentophone exhibition at the Harvard Museum of Natural History received some great press. Here are some selected items:

“Art’s Not Dead — Just Fermenting” by Samuel D. Buckley-Bonanno in the Harvard Crimson (archived image here). This is a wonderful story that really captures many of the weird and wonderful aspects of the show and the Museum.

“Getting the Band (of Microbes) Back Together” by Jessica Messier for WPI News (archived image here). Official WPI coverage of the show. This article was republished in several other outlets.

“Saccharomyces Serenades, Lactobacillus Lullabies: The Soundscapes of Fermentation” by Dana Ferrante on the BU Program in Gastronomy Blog (archived image here). A very thorough recounting of the presentation and workshop I gave to my collaborators who helped prepare the exhibit.

“Microbes play the music of fermentation on the fermentophone” by Justine Dees on the Joyful Microbe Blog. A nice interview with me about the project.

“5 Things To Do This Weekend, From A Teen-Curated Exhibit To A Sci-Fi Festival” by Christian Burno on WBUR’s The Artery. Brief plug on my favorite local media outlet.

“Eating out on Valentine’s is nice, but so is doing this” by L. Kim Tan in the Boston Globe. What the heck is a fermentophone?

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